For anyone wishing to add an outdoor kitchen to their home in New Braunfels, San Marcos, Canyon Lake, Seguin, or San Antonio, Outdoor Originals is the ideal choice. Determining where to start when designing an outdoor kitchen for your residence might be daunting. You want it to be flawless, but you also don’t want to spend a great deal of money. Along with the design, the materials, and any required permits, the cost should be taken into account. There are several things to think about!

South Texas Outdoor Kitchens

Makes GREAT use of extra space

The backyard becomes a space that is maximized for convenience and increased home productivity with the addition of a kitchen, dining room, and entertainment space. You can make it specifically for you to meet your lifestyle. For instance, a more usable outdoor area makes more area for holding sizable gatherings. Hosting events is easy with South Texas outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen, like U-shaped outdoor kitchens or any custom outdoor kitchens, also makes it easier to organize the preparation, grilling, washing, dining, drinking, and general outside entertaining while having the tools to accomplish everything. Having an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic upgrade and definitely worth your investment. You’ll enjoy having meals out every night at a fraction of the cost and have more quality time with your family.


Remodeling and setting up an outdoor kitchen area will give the remodeler a high return on investment for the property. It adds additional ‘living space’ and not only can be enjoyed with friends and family for gatherings but also adds home appeal to future buyers.

Design & Layout

The layout and style of an open patio have a level of imagination that can only be attained when a customized interior kitchen is built as part of a home’s construction or renovation.


Ready to put in equipment and create the open kitchen you’ve been dreaming of off your patio? Give us a call!

“Jake and his team do a fantastic job. The level of communication and the commitment to making their customers happy is top notch. It starts with their response time. In my book, first response tends to win my business, and the response time to my inquiry, the consultation, and quote was literally 2 days! His construction team literally showed up the next day to scout the project which was huge as there were a few items that we had not considered. Throughout the project, Jake and his team remained in constant contact, and were very receptive to ad lib changes along the way. Courteous, professional, and wonderful craftsmanship!”
“It was really great having them complete our last project. The work was thorough and customer service was excellent!”