Never let the hot summer heat prevent you from making the most of your backyard this season. The scorching days of summer make it absolutely necessary to have a location in your backyard that is shaded. In addition to shade constructions, pergolas offer relief from the summer heat. Yet, they also make it possible to unwind and get away from the rush and bustle of daily life by transforming an outdoor area into a cozy retreat.

You probably wouldn’t believe what our backyard pergola builders can do to your backyard after they’re finished! When it comes to planning and constructing your external shade structures, we will exceed your expectations by not only satisfying your specifications but also going far beyond your goals.


Is it Possible to Build a Pergola Over a Deck?

Yes, and we do so rather frequently. Changes may have to be done to a current deck in order to hold the load of a pergola and provide it the sturdiness it needs in order to really be built on top of a current deck. Hence, we strongly suggest that you obtain a pergola during the same time that you purchase your deck. That way, our staff can assist you in planning for this right from the very beginning.


Why You Need Our Awe-inspiring Backyard Pergola Construction 

When you hire our professional pergola builders, you may anticipate the creation of a space for outdoor living which is not only practical but also appealing. Backyard pergolas are only one example of the many different types of shade structures that we have available; we also offer a great deal more! Our knowledgeable pergola builders are able to construct wooden, composite, and metal pergolas, each of which can be customized in regard to size and style.

Throughout the day, your pergola over the deck will transform into a relaxing and peaceful spot for you to enjoy. However, what about if it starts to get gloomy? It’s not an issue at all because you can easily install lighting within your backyard pergola so that you may use it even after dark. If you want to set the mood for romance, you could drape lighting from across the rafters.


Other Construction Services We Offer

  • Decks: We can assist you whether you already own a deck that needs some Repair or you want to build a brand new one so that you and your loved ones can spend more time outdoors. Give us a call because we’ll help you create a deck that will be the admiration of your neighbors, the focal point of your home’s outside living space, and a source of infinite good.
  • Handrails: Stairs, ramps, as well as other areas where movement is required typically have handrails installed for the safety of those using them. We can help you choose the right handrail that will keep you safe while preserving its aesthetic functions. 
  • Patios: Whatever type of patio you want to have in your outdoors, may it be covered, bricked, paver, flagstone, or stamped, all you need is to give us a call, and we’ll bring it to reality. 
  • A lot more. Feel free to consult our specialists about the certain design or structure that you want to have. Rest assured that we’ll do everything according to your preferences and convenience. 


Let’s Talk About Estimates

While money can’t buy happiness, it does pay to have the ideal backyard retreat. Ensuring that your pergola over the deck will be around for many years means that you will only have to spend once when you work with us. Our pergolas range in price depending on your structure’s dimensions, materials, and design. In general, the price will increase proportionally with the size and complexity of your work. The final price of pergolas will depend on the scope of your work in addition to the supplies and aesthetics you select.